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Export of videos not working


I'm going to "Advanced Function" then playback mode.  I grab a clip, and set the cue in and out points, then I export it.  No matter what I do, it says it exported it, but then it never shows up on my computer.  Using Internet Explorer 11. 

Doing some searching here, I tried running IE as administrator and it worked.  Is this really the only solution?

Does using FF ESR x32 version work?

What FW version are you using?

I currently only have IE and Chrome installed (and Chrome doesn't work at all with these cameras). 

Here is firmware info:

Agent Version :   2.1.0-b18   
Current NVR Firmware Version :   v2.04.03   
Firmware Date :  Jul 21 2016   
Current NVR Device Pack :  v2.14.02   
Device Pack Date :  Jul 21 2016

Chrome blocks plug-ins. Only other browser that works is FF ESR versions of there browser, not the standard version, you need the ESR version. The standard versions block plug-ins as well.

There is v2.05 as well, however not sure if this would be of any help. It's a security patch.


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