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2 DNR-202L's in network, how to rename for clarity.


I have just added another DNR-202L to my network to support recording of 2 additional cameras, making a total of 6.

I would like to rename the DNR-202L's  so I can quickly determine them either by  the mobile apps ( mydlink View-NVR, or mydlinkt lite ) or via the online portal.   

So far I haven't found a way doing many searches and am hoping for some assistance.


Go in the GUI of the 202L > Maintenance > Display and Language.  Under "Display" you can enter a name for the 202L.

page 52 - ftp://ftp2.dlink.com/PRODUCTS/DNR-202L/REVA/DNR-202L_REVA_MANUAL_v1.40_WW_EN.pdf


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