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DSR-250 harware version A1 problems.

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I have DSR-250 rev A1 hardware and tried 'DSR-250_REVA_FIRMWARE_v3.11B101H' firmware and it does not work. When trying to update from FW v2.11 via the routers web page firmware update, I get an error which states I must use firmware for my router and it resets the router. I chose the 'DSR-250_A1_A2_A3_A4_FW3.11B101H_COMMON_WW' file. Is FW v2.11 the last version that works with DSR-250 hardware version A1?

In this message: http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=72552.15
Greenbay42 mentions FW v3.11 was confirmed by a D-Link tech that it works with A1 hardware. Not sure how to proceed.

See if there is an Intermediate file that has to be applied first....

I would use IE11 or FF browser to do the FW update. Don't use Chrome.

Thanks much for your reply.

There is an intermediate file but PDF states support only for v A2 hardware. Yet the info in this
message: "http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=72552.15" states it should work with A1 hardware using the common file. Confusing...I'll try the intermediate file.


Let us know if it works...

Does not work, guess I'm stuck with FW v 2.11.


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