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Devices not seeing wifi network

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Our iPhones (6s and 7) are often having trouble connecting to the wifi network.  If I go to Settings -> Wifi on the phones, they will see the 2.4ghz network, but not the 5ghz network, which is what I've configured on them.

Turning off/on wifi or restarting the phones doesn't solve the problem.  Eventually they seem to find the network and then connect.  Occasionally, they will see the 5ghz network but not connect.  If I manually select the 5ghz network, it will ask me for my password, which is odd because I haven't changed it recently.

My iPad and Mac don't seem to have this problem so I'm wondering if it is the iphones themselves, however I am posting here in case anyone knows of a known issue with the router itself.

I haven't heard of any specific WI-Fi issues with this router and iPhones.

Were they working before and suddenly stopped or they never have worked?

What version iOS are on the phones?

What hardware revision (A or B) and firmware version is on the router?

I know some versions of iOS 11 have several Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Make sure you have the latest updates on your phone.

I'm running iOS 11.3.1 on the phones.  The Router is revision A running firmware 1.20.  I am in Canada and that's the latest version it shows for us.  Oddly the US has a newer version, but I ran into problems installing that and had to downgrade last year.

The phones consistently connected before, but over the past few months, they often don't connect.  Sometimes they won't even show my 5Ghz network (only the 2.4Ghz), even though my iPad is connected to the 5Ghz network.  I could configure the phones to connect to the 2.4Ghz network as well I guess.  It's just odd that sometimes one of the networks doesn't appear when the network is obviously working.

Try this - In the router in the wireless settings, make sure Channel Width is set to Auto or lock it to 20MHz and see if that works. iOS 11 - 11.3.1 does not like 40MHz. (I saw this in a comment in the article below).

Google search  ios 11.3.1 wifi and you will see a bunch of articles/fixes.

An update on this issue:

Channel width was set to 20/40mhz for the 2.4ghz network.  It was set to 20/40/80mhz for the 5ghz network.  I was going to change the setting, but before I saw this post, I ended up setting up the iphones to connect to the 2.4ghz network as well.  While it doesn't solve the core issue it solves the problem of not being on any wifi and using up data on my cellular package.

Since then, every time I've checked what network I'm connected to, it's been the 5ghz.  So I haven't tried changing the channel width yet since it seems to be connecting properly for now.  If I notice it is connecting to the 2.4ghz network again, I'll try changing the channel width.

Thanks for your assistance.


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