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RSTP blocking

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Hi, hoping someone might give me some guidance on setting up three DGS 1210s in a ring configuration using RSTP. 

RSTP is enabled on all three switches.
4 vlans are setup on ports 1-24 and tagged on 27 and 28.
Asymmetric VLAN is disabled
The 3 switches are interconnected on ports 27 and 28 in a ring so each switch connects to the other two.
The root switch Bridge Priority is set to 16384 to assure root election.
All other settings are default.

Issue - After a week of running both ports 27 and 28 on the root switch will go into blocking mode and disable the connection to the other two switches.  I could very well have missed something but my searches haven't turned up anything.


It should not be doing that unless there is a new root bridge..
What is the model name and firmware version for all 3 switches?

Firmware 4.12.016
Hardware Ver C2

All three are the same with the same configuration minus the priority setting.


Looks like I put this in the wrong section.  It should be in the DES not DGS.  Mabye a mod can move it?


Are you seeing any TX/RX errors on ports 27-28?


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