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set Link Aggregation with Static mode VLAN be change to 1 and noway to config.


Firmware Version: DGS-3630-28SC Build 2.00.020 and DXS-3000-32S Build 2.40.046

I want to use port 3-4 be trunk together as 1 Link.
I config port 3-4 to VLAN 2.
Set Link Aggregation with Static mode  on port 3-4 then VLAN be change to 1 and noway to config/correct.
The L3 switch, DGS-3630-28SC and DXS-3000-32S was the same.
What I do wrong or miss something, please suggest.

VLAN 2 had been assigned to Port 3-4.

Link Aggrregatin to Port 3-4 with static mode.

Show detail of Link Aggrregatin.

Back to VLAN list, Port 3-4 had been changed to VLAN 1.

Show VLAN interface list.

Show VLAN interface detail port 3.

April 25, 2018 5:00PM
I found the solution, it was below my nose. Yes....
At "VLAN interface list" scroll down to  the bottom.
Port-channel List..... Now config VLAN as you wish...

CLI use = interface port-channel xx

Show VLAN interface list.

Edit Port-channel interface.

Back to VLAN list, Port 3-4 was corrected.

Once the port interface is part of a LAG group, any settings on their are ignored.
Go to VLAN Interface page and find "Port-Channel1" at the end of the list. Then edit to modify the VLAN settings.


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