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Now I understand why you have been asking about the browser used. I just tried using Netscape Navigator 8.0 from 2005, but it gave me the same result - timed out to a request for Netscape still works for regular web sites, but not well.

Not sure what to do next. Is there some way to check under Windows XP whether the router is working properly? I've searched around Device Manager, etc. but can't find anything.

I hate to buy another router if I don't know what the problem is now and if I don't need to.

If you know someone maybe with a laptop that could connect to the router and see if the problem follows the router or the computer. I am guessing it is the router based on the information you have supplied.

Were there any changes to XP or did you install ANY new software since the last time it worked?

Ya, would need to check with a different PC to see if this is a router or PC issue.

Seems like the web ui is hung up or stopped if another PC can't access the UI.

Maybe time for a new router. Its getting old and is probably a bottle neck on your ISP service and your network.

Thanks to both of you for the quick responses. I will try to find a laptop to borrow to see how the router works with it and will report back.

No changes to XP recently. The only new software installed was the annual H&R Block tax program that was downloaded and installed the end of March.


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