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I have handfull of DGS-3120-24tc switches, i configure them from WebUI and every thing is ok, but when in I need to (For debug purpose) view
port utilization sector, the problem starts,
I am completely aware that NPAPI and thus java applets are not supported by modern browsers, one option is using old browser, and i've seen for cameras
dlink has provided a new application, but what is the option for switches?
1-One may not be able to use deprecated browsers(This is the case)
2-I assume that DLik must provide a new firmware with java dependency removed
Any info on this

Try using FF ESR version of there browser for NAPAPI and Java plug in support...

Thanks alot, FurryNutz
That seems like a cure for a short time, I will use that and thanks for pointing out ;)
but problem still remains unsolved (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1184304)
as it is stated at provided link, FF ESR will soon drop support fir NPAPI Java,
I hope sooner or later DLink provide us a new firmware without need for Java

I would contact D-Link support and ask them about this and the the future holds for the DGS series.
Also give IE11 a try as well.

I presume the D-Link will have to do something. Keep compatible browsers on hand for now.
Let us know if you find out anything.

Good Luck.


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