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Camera fail when DVR connected to router


Johan Jeo:

I just bought 2 DCS960L for my home.
I've been trying to connect the camera to my home network for hours.
It seems I've located the source of the problem.
I can connect the camera to my network while unplugging the DVR LAN cable
But if I connect my analog DVR to my router, the DCS 960L will instantaneously fail to connect to the network.
(The LED at the back goes from solid green to red, then several orange blink and then red again)
If I unplug the DVR cable, the camera will connect to the network again after several orange blink.

Any idea why this might happens and how to fix this?
The DVR is for my analog CCTV so I can monitor it from the network/internet.
I've tried changing the DVR IP address (static) but no result.
I've updated the camera to the latest FW v1.06.01

Thanks in advance

Does this happen with other wireless devices? Your router may be affected by the DVR. I am not sure how the camera when connecting to the router be affected when the DVR is connected.

What brand/model is the DVR and router?


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