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DFL-210 need help with opening ports.


Hello. I got a postage machine in a small office that needs connection with an update server for rates. The server uses port 53, 80, 443 and 21. Port 443 is open as default so that one is okay. But the 3 others i cannot get open.

Created a new interfaceadress for the machine also.




The network is setup like this.

modem - DFL-210 - switch - machine

The switch is on the DMZ net.

The IP rules is as following.

Name: Frank_53_Sat
Action: SAT
Src: any
Scr Net: all-nets
Dest if: core
Dest Net: wan_ip
Service: dns-udp

SAT-General settings
Destination IP: *Frankeringsmaskin*
all to one mapping

Name: Frank_53
Action: Allow
Src: any
Scr Net: all-nets
Dest if: core
Dest Net: wan_ip
Service: dns-udp

It requires port 53 UDP. The 2 others i have created as the same. There is allready services for the ports i am going to use so i have not created any new services.
Sorry for some misspelling here :)

You want to open ports for a specific address inside the DFL's local DMZ network? Not exactly sure but you can try the following to allow inbound traffic to server.

Create object for host--

Create Service object--
Name: Test_ports
Source 1-65535
Destination 443,80,53,21

Create IP policy--
Source: Wan1, All-Nets
Destination: Core, WAN IP
Service: Test_ports

Source Translation: NONE
Destination Translation: SAT
Address Action: Single IP
new IP address :
new port: none


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