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Mydlink lite slow to display or times out


Per the suggestion I've started a new thread although there is an older one on this topic.
I've had a  2332L and 933L for over 4 years.  They have worked fine but the time to get the displays on mydlink lite have always been slow.  Both cameras are operating WIFI.
I recently changed my WIFI to a mesh network (LUMA) hoping this might solve the problem.  It hasn't despite getting great signal strength and speed with the mesh network.   Ethernet download speed from Comcast is around 270 and from some mobile devices I'm getting as high as 176.  Latency is around 16ms.  Other clould  based apps work well.  Honeywell thermostat connection time is usually a second or 2.  Smartthings is practically instantaneous even where using Ihome devices and the two clouds have to interact.
I've now tried Viewer for D-Link IP Cameras" by Van Nguyen (mentioned in the previous thread) and OWLR Dlink.  Both of these apps bring up the camera images much faster than mydlink lite.  Both display more than 1 camera although there are some issues.  OWLR doesn't appear to support 720p on my 2332L although I'm not quite done playing with the profile settings via the web UI.  Viewer for D-link IP has annoying ads in the free version.
All three apps have roughly the same motion delay - about 2 seconds.
Especially  because of the resolution (like to capture a license plate number) I'd really like to stick with the dlink app but the delay is just too much. 
I've yet to try some of the suggestions in the other thread.  I could run a cat5 cable temporarily to see if this might make a difference but I have my doubts based on the WIFI speed I have.
My cameras are old enough to not get free help from tech support.  This is somewhat disconcerting because I'd like to get more cameras and having them all be the same manufacturer would be handy.  But, I need speed.  My in house security system and my driveway alert system send me text messages almost instantly but knowing whether to call the cops is difficult when my camera images are significantly delayed starting up.
Thanks, Bob

There any MIMO, smart connect or daisy chaining or roaming features on this MESH system? Might try disabling these if seen and test.
Were the cameras working with your prior router?

I'm using a MESH system as well and my 3 cameras are working with both the Lite app and the new mydlink app in my iPhone 6sP.

Yes, the cameras have been working for 4 years with my old router and access points. Doesn’t appear the delay is any less with my new mesh network despite a great increase in WiFi speed. Also just replaced my iPhone 5 with an iPhone 8 which got me even more WiFi speed but still no difference in the camera access time.
Been doing more experimenting with OWLR versus mydlink lite and OWLR consistently brings up the images much faster.
Is there a different dlink viewer I should try instead of  mydlink lite?

Might install the MyDlink app which is new. Not sure if your camera models are supported. Worth checking.

Remember updating to a faster router won't necessarily speed up your clients (cameras). The router has to slow down to the speed of the clients.

Are you using the repeater/extender feature on the 933L? If you are, don't. It will add overhead to the camera.

mydlink cameras do have added overhead which may cause a slight delay since it has to transmit to the mydlink servers. 3rd party apps like Owler may be a little faster but you lose a ton of features and lower resolution (thus faster).

Delay isn't always a Wi-Fi issue. Processor speed and memory on the camera are the main culprits. Higher the resolution, the more processing power the camera needs to package and broadcast. Make sure your cameras are not running hot or are in direct sunlight/sitting on a window sill.

Newer cameras will have more updated Wi-Fi speeds and may have a little less delay, but most IP cameras will have a delay.


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