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DSL2640R = use without Modem?


Hi and sorry to post here ... did not find any other place that looked better fitting.

I have a DSL2640R router in use for some time and I am quite hapy with it.

Now, my ISP changes the coverage and I have no cable anymore rather than a radion based (4G) router but that router has very poor capabilities, especially at port forwarding.

Now, I want to use my DLINK DSL-2640R to work as a router in the "DMZ" of the movistar router. I have checked that already with another (no DLINK) router that is without modem and I have simply connected the modem port to the movistar router.

I know that "modern routers" (i.e. form AVM) are capable to re-assign one of the switch-ports to be used to by-pass the built in ADSL Modem.

Is there a way to do that and use one of the ports of the built-in switch of the DSL2640R to connect it to another router (modem)?

If so, can you direct me to a "how to" or explain the necessary steps here?

Thank you in advance!

You might be able to do this:
Turning a router into an AP.


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