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FW:2.03MT vs 2.02


I do not understand ...
My router dir-842 rev B
Is preinstaled 2.03mt if i want upgrade firmware to 2.02 is downgrade ?
What is diference betwen 2.03mt vs 2.02 ?
Router was bought from  Romania
No, has been taken out of the store : Media Galaxy


* What region are you located?
Is this router from a ISP that they gave you. The version you list "2.03mt" is not a D-Link FW version.

FurryNutz some info please?

This version of FW isn't standard for D-Link OEM FW and products. This maybe a special product. I would refer you to the place of purchase and see what this router is for and whom supports it. You can contact your regional D-Link support office on the phone and ask them about this.


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