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DSL-2750U locked me out after Enabling Access Control Mode

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Yes you'll need to factory reset. You can use a paper clip or a pen with a fine point to push in on the button. Its completely safe. Theres now high voltages in side the modem.

What all things would i have to do and input if i reset that with a pen (works for me; but still don't wanna get  :o)
Please describe it step by step. Don't wanna lose like i did before. :-[

Have a Ethernet wired PC connected to the modem and use a web browser to log into I believe. Walk the setup wizard and it will help you get the modem re-installed. Download the user manual as well for additional help and information.

Is Ethernet =  LAN Cable?
are they the same? :)

User manual url? Dlink support doesn't show the user manuals for D-Link DSL-2750U


Check with your regional D-Link support site.


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