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DSL-2750U locked me out after Enabling Access Control Mode

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I have a DSL-2750U router connected to my home WiFi with  firmware version ME_1.03

I tried Enabling Access Control Mode
and the web page was loading  . . . (i could see it in the browser)
so i closed the router page to check and make a note of my MAC address
the next thing i know I'm locked out.
Not a single device is connecting to the internet but its connecting to the home Wifi

WiFi SSID is still visible and I'm able to connect to the WiFi with password but can't connect to internet or any web pages
Can't even connect to which is the default gateway
I tried even connecting the laptop to the router with LAN cable and it wasn't connecting to the Default Gateway.

i tried search for the default gateway with ipconfig/all in the cmd.exe
and it was showing

Default Gateway : fe80::1%17
btw shows the repeater's admin page and can access it (yes i have a WiFi repeater) when connected to the Wifi

Am i missing something?
What's solution for this?


* What region are you located?
How as the Access control configured? Sounds like you locked everyone out.

Does a ethernet wired PC connect to the modem and get internet access?

If you can't gain access, you'll need to factory reset the router and set up from scratch.

I would review the user manual on how to configure the access control. Try setting the access control up for just one device if thats possible.

Well I'm currently in INDIA
No I didn't configure anything. Just clicked "Enable Access Control" from some tab.
Now i don't even remember which option was it. . i was looking for MAC filter

--- Quote ---Try setting the access control up for just one device if thats possible.
--- End quote ---
how to do if i'm not able to connect to the default gateway even with the LAN cable.

You possibly enabled access control and accidentally locked all users out. You will need to reset the router - paperclip in the reset hole - hold for 10 seconds then release.  All settings will be deleted so you will need to reconfigure the modem and router settings.

Isn't there any other option other than resetting and starting from scratch?

Should i hold the Paperclip while the Unit is "Plugged and ON"?
really worried about electric shocks.. . don't wanna get TASED :o


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