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DIR-882 and NAS?

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Richard Ingelsson:
Thinking about buying this router but Googled some worrying reports concerning NAS - are there any known limitations regarding this? I have a 4TB WD My Cloud NAS and I need to access this both from within my home Wifi network and from work.


I would review this:
 Router USB HDD Max Size FAQ

If you wanting true NAS then you would want to get something like this:

USB drives are not NAS.

I do not think the links answer Skinny's question.  He already owns a WD MyCloud Nas (which is a true NAS, Ethernet not USB) and wants to know if there are limitations the DIr-882 will place on accessing it from inside and outside his network.

I have an 882 and 2 NAS, both larger than 4TB.  I have had no problems.  Perhaps you could describe or link to the challenges you have heard about.

If the NAS is true NAS then of course there shouldn't be any problems. Some MyCloud devcies are USB however and it wasn't specified if it was or not. So I posted links to USB side of the information.

If it's ethernet then he's good to go.


Richard Ingelsson:
Thank you for your replies. Everything is working fine. The NAS is up and running and is slowly filling up with junk ;)


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