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Fullflash(full dump) firmware for DIR-850l b1


Hi, I have a problem with dir-850l b1. The router was accidentally updated with the firmware intended for revision a1. Now Wifi does not work on it. Tell me please, where can I find the full firmware with bios for updating via the programmer?


* What region are you located?
Curious, how did you get Rev A loaded on a Rev B model router?
Normally the FW would not allow this.

Does this method work to get code loaded back on to the router?
Emergency Recovery Mode

Other than this, we don't have access to any access to BIOS code for back end FW loading.

My router from UAE and I'm live in Ukraine now. I downloaded firmware 2.5.4 from Russian official site I know about revision but don't have information about it and I thought it's right firmware. I think it's happened because router don't have md5 code checker or it was same checksum. I tried all method but I can't fix it coz bios now form revision a1. And Ukrainian official service don't have fullflash firmware for revision b1. I'm need only fullflash firmware and I will do it via programmer.

You would have to contact UAE support and see if that what region the router originally came from and see if they can help you.

Good Luck.


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