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Can I record video to the cloud and my SD card at the same time?
- No, you cannot record video to the cloud and your SD card simultaneously.

Can I record video 24/7 to the cloud?
- No. You can only save video from events like motion or sound detection to the cloud.

How long are the video clips be on the cloud?
- Each clip can be up to 1 minute long.

How do I transfer my existing devices from the mydlink Lite app to the mydlink app?
- There is no process. Log in to the mydlink app with the same username and password as mydlink lite.

Do I have to sign up for a new mydlink account when transferring to the mydlink app?
- Nope

Will my devices be restored to factory defaults after transferring to the mydlink app?
- Nope. They will show up with the same functionality as the mydlink Lite app.

Can I zoom in/out in the live view?
- Yes, you can pinch in/out on the live video to zoom in or out.


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