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Difference between mydlink Lite and mydlink app


The new mydlink app supports all the same features as mydlink lite. The mydlink app will support the following for selected devices:
[*] Cloud Recording - Record video to mydlink Cloud (free/pay subscriptions)
[*] One-Tap Feature - Create automation for 1 or multiple devices and press a one-tap button to enable/disable
[*] Automation - Create triggers (e.g. motion detection) and actions (e.g. record to cloud)
[*] Scheduling - Schedule automation and events
[*] Multi-view - View two live streams at once. Will display a snapshot of all cameras.
[*] Events
[*] 3rd Party Integration - Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT support
[*] Supports IoT Devices - Support for some mydlink Home Connect products (water sensor, smart plug, etc) - coming soon

Currently cloud recording, one-tap, scheduling, events, and automation are only supported on the DCS-8xxxLH cameras (except 8200LH).


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