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COVR-3902-US BETA Firmware v1.01B05_HCR2 Released

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This BETA firmware fixes issues with the 2.4GHz band being locked on channel 5. Only install on the router.

Download here - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/COVR-3902-US/BETA/COVR-2600R_REVA_FIRMWARE_ROUTER_v1.01b05_beta01_hcr2.zip


Thank you.  ;)

Think is this version is pretty solid. I've taken this to my friends house which needed a wireless upgrade. There current router doesn't seem powerful enough to get thru a 50's built house. Solid brick and old style built. I set this up for them and definite improvement. Just short term until they get some LAN cable runs going. Working well though. They stream Netflix and DirectTV.

Any word on an Official release?  It has been 6 months.

I will email the project manager and see what the status is.


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