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DHP-601AV Powerline kit disrupting entire home network



I started using the DHP-601AV kit. I have one adapter  connected to my main switch, off of which the house router to the internet is connected. I have the second unit on another floor connected to a switch, which has 2 devices on it. Both are plugged into isolated wall outlets (they are the only item plugged into that outlet).

It seems that things are fine for anywhere from an hour to several hours, but then the home network goes awry. Machines cannot ping each other, nothing can reach the router, and of course no internet access.

As soon as I unplug one of the powerline adapters, the network is back to normal. When I plug it back in, everything is fine again for one to several hours, but then the cycle starts all over again.

Has anyone else seen this kind of behavior with these adapters, and what might be a solution to address this?

Any status on this?  ???


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