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D-Link DSG-3120-24TV Model: Internet Network Down


Dear Expert.

I'm new in handling network switch.

Recently, I noticed the internet connection within my organization keep interrupted(suddenly no internet) and it impacted all the users with no internet connection. However, I'm still able to connect to my Firewall from External Internet Connect.

From my workaround, I found out after i reboot the D-Link DSG-3120 Switches and the internet connection will resumed to normal. But once awhile after 2-3 days the same issue will happen again until i reboot the switch

Anyone encounter this before? Is there anything i miss out?



What region are you located?
What FW is currently loaded on the switch?
Has the FW been updated on this switch, if any available?

What Mfr and model host router is the switch connected too?
How many lan cable connections are connected to the switch?
Any other switches connected to the DGS as well?


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