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Is there some API to enable/disable the sensor?


I have several D-Link DCH-S150 WiFi motion detectors and I am now wondering if there is a way to programatically enable/disable the motion detection on these sensors?  What I want to be able to do is automatically enable the sensors when both my wife and I have left the house and disable them when either one of us is at home.  I think I can use the IFTTT app to indicate when we are home or not so I need a way to control the sensors via a program.

You will need an app that supports geofencing. Unfortunately the mydlink Home app does not. IFTTT app does so you should be able to send a turn on/off trigger based on your location.

I just tried the IFTTT app and for some reason the motion sensor is not an "action" option.  I see you can turn on/off smart plugs so I guess plug the motion detector in a smart plug and have the location trigger turn that on and off. The motion detector can only act as a trigger unfortunately.

Anyone know if it's possible to enable/disable the motion detector via a URL like ""  ?


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