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Can't Give Canon Printer a reserve IP


I recently bought a new Canon wireless printer and it connects fine to the DIR-842, but when I try to set a reserve IP address for the printer I can put in all the information, but the SAVE button doesn't appear to do anything.  I have several other devices that I have successfully set reserve IP addresses for, but it won't work for the Canon Printer.  My router is DIR-842, HW B1, and Firmware 2.02  It's located in the US, north America.  Upgrade tells me it's the most current version.


What browser are you using? Try IE11 or FF or Opera?

I would recommend setting a Static IP address on the printer itself rather then a reserved IP address on the router. Set a Static IP addess thats out side of the routers default IP address pool, to .200. Set something related to the model # of the printer.


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