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343 not detecting volume after hard reset



I'm currently in the process of expanding storage on a 343.

OS on connected machines is Mac OSX.

Our unit has 2x2TB drives installed in what I assume is RAID 1 (as our max storage was 2TB). I plugged in two more, brand-new 2TB drives.

The admin who setup the DNS-343 is long gone and with him the password as well as anyone with networking/drive knowledge. I hard reset the device to access the config panel. Volume 1 is no longer showing and with it 2TB of data dating years back is inaccessible.

I installed fw 1.05 in hopes the drives would become visible again and they have not.

I have avoided trying any type of formatting with the full disks inside, instead having removed them and started to format the new drives in order to attempt this solution: http://forums.dlink.com/index.php?topic=6473.msg50413#msg50413

Is this the correct way to resolve this? Do I have any out-of-the-box options to reconfigure and access those old drives and their information?

At this point, is it a better idea to contact a professional recovery service?


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