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New - DCS-960L - Firmware Version v1.06 B01 Official - Comments & Observations

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Firmware:   v1.06 B01   11/30/2017   NA Region!
Revision Info:

Problems Resolved:
This release is to patch the WPA2 Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) Security Vulnerabilities affecting this product.
The beta firmware will be followed up by a fully quality test release in approximately 4 weeks.
A WPA2 wireless protocol vulnerability was reported to CERT//CC and public disclosed as: VU#228519 - Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) handshake traffic can be manipulated to induce nonce and session key reuse.
The following CVE IDs have been assigned to VU#228519. These vulnerabilities in the WPA2 protocol:
CVE-2017-13077: reinstallation of the pairwise key in the Four-way handshake
CVE-2017-13078: reinstallation of the group key in the Four-way handshake
CVE-2017-13079: reinstallation of the integrity group key in the Four-way handshake
CVE-2017-13080: reinstallation of the group key in the Group Key handshake
CVE-2017-13081: reinstallation of the integrity group key in the Group Key handshake
CVE-2017-13082: accepting a retransmitted Fast BSS Transition Re-association Request and reinstalling the pairwise key while processing it
CVE-2017-13084: reinstallation of the STK key in the PeerKey handshake
CVE-2017-13086: reinstallation of the Tunneled Direct-Link Setup (TDLS) PeerKey (TPK) key in the TDLS handshake
CVE-2017-13087: reinstallation of the group key (GTK) when processing a Wireless Network Management (WNM) Sleep Mode Response frame

New Features:

D-Link posted DCS-960L Rev A firmware which can be downloaded here: DCS-960L.

NOTE: Be sure that your wireless signal on the main host router is good and signal is strong with the camera if it's connected wirelessly before upgrading FW.

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Please post your comments and observations as a reply to this thread.

 :)  ;)  :)

Loaded my 960L to day. Will post if I find anything.  ;)

Official (no longer BETA) Release - April 9, 2018


Thank you Sir.  ;)


updated 1 of 3 DCS-960L from firmware 1.03 to 1.06.  No reset done, so far it is working fine.

Note on firmware 1.03, the HTTPS will crash if continuous video feed, the HTTP will work fine and need reboot to regain https.
The  v1.06 is stable  (thumbs up)


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