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Unable to block few multicast addresses in DGS3120

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Hi  All

We are using the DGS3120 switches and use port 23 as the routing port and as well as we get the multicast on that port for IPTV. We have noticed that we are also getting the traffic for the unrequested channels which is flooding our bandwidth. We tried to block those multicast ip addresses on port 23 using the IPv4 multicast filter option. But nothing changed. We also have IGMP snooping enabled on the switch. Can someone please help us out.

Thanks in advance!!!


* What Hardware version is your switch? Look at sticker under the switch case.
* Link>What Firmware version is currently loaded? Found on the switches web page under status.
* What region are you located?
Is there a main host router in use up stream from the switches or is the networking all LAN side?
If there is a main host router, i would try to configure the router to help block as well...

Hello Furry,

* Hardware version used is B1.
* Firmware version loaded is 4.00.015.
* The device is located in Amsterdam.

We manage the network on the LAN side.

You may also wan to investigate where the data is coming from and stop it at it's source. Especially if it's on the LAN side.

I would try using wireshark to begin with...

Is there any blocking information in the users manual?

The source from where the data is coming is managed by some other vendor and we don't have any access to their device.
Is there anything we can configure in the dlink switch so that the unwanted data or the data driven can be dropped as soon as it hits the dlink box ?


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