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d-link dgs-1016d download problems

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Hey guys!

I have a little problem with my d-link dgs-1016d which is a simple gigabit switch:

I have a 100Mbps/100Mbps fiber optic connection, when I connect my PC directly to my router, I have both 100Mbps in download and 100Mbps in upload, but, when I pass through my switch, I have 26-27Mbps in download, and 100Mbps in upload. I suspected it was because of one of the device connected to that switch, but no, if I only plug in my pc and the router, I still get 30Mbps in download. I graduated in IT recently and did everything that I could think of, changed my router from full to half duplex, tried to change every cable, changed  all the parameters I could think of, changed the DNS, but nothing worked so far.
Has anyone had the same problem? Or does anyone know what is going on?
Thanks for reading and answering, have a nice day.

What are you using to test the speed?

Does this happen with every port on the switch?

What router do you have? 

Tried with and by downloading some games and stuff (max speed on steam of 11-12MBps when on router and only 3-4MBps when on switch)

Yes it happens with every port of the switch

My router is a : Sagecom F@st 5360e (not 100% sure since I can't seem to find the same model as mine on their website, but the F@st 5360e looks almost axactly as mine)

Modification: after some quick researches, it's a F@ST 5360 Borabora, model made on purpose for my provider "Sunrise"

Modification 2: And I did wireshark my network to see if everything weird would come up when on the switch, but everything seems fine

The switch definitely should not be slowing the connection down. This switch has been a solid product but yours may be defective.

Do you have another computer to test? (use and test 3 times).

What Ethernet adapter is in your computer? Maybe try locking it down to 1000 or even 100mbps to test. And you said you tested with different cables. It may be some weird connection issue with your PC and the switch.

Well, I've tried with crossed and straight cables, I tested on my personnal computer (Win10 pro), my mother's laptop (Win 7 pro) and a Server running on windows server 2012 R2, had the same results on all, what I thought was, since it works well when I don't go through the switch, it may come from the cross technologies I'm doing, let me explain:  I'm using a "Central internet", using BKS, and I have no idea if there could be a problem between the BKS connectors (from my BKS - rj45 cable) and the switch, it goes like that:

My pc -> RJ45 to BKS cable into the BKS outlet on my wall -> BKS cable going through the house like a standard electric cable (which is BKS to BKS) and ending in the basement  in a jumper cabinet -> BKS to RJ45 cable -> switch dgs-1016d -> router

If you want some kind of a diagram, I can do one.


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