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Transfer/read HD belong to DNS-323 in DNS-327L



After so many good years; the DNS-323 finally gone. First it didn't detect the hard disk; and today - it can't be turned on.

I have DNS-327L as well; but as all of you may have been aware; taking the HD from DNS-323 and put that into the bay of DNS-327L requires the HD to be formatted  :'(.  So that seems to be the end of the road - unless anyone could recommend a way.

When googling; I found another step to mound the HD as an external HD (on USB) and then use software to read the linux partition on the drive; transfer the content to your PC and then finally to the DNS-327L. I do not have the external HD casing; but I should be able to secure one. But i imagine that this would be very slow.

Now, i'm hoping for a miracle; that by installing certain app on the DNS-327L and mounting the old HD into this DNS-327L; i'd be able to read the drive and transfer it to the existing HD in DNS-327L.


Yes you have it, you need to get a external USB or SATA case and connect it to a Linux PC or install a Windows EXT driver on your PC and get the data OFF the drive to a safe and secure backup location. Then you can install the drive into the new DNS and format it and then copy your data back.

I just want to acknowledge and thank you for your response. NOw hunting for the device you mention!

Let us know how it goes.


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