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D-Link 600m 3.01 - 3.03 admin router password


Hi guys i have the same issue of firmware upgrade to 3.01 to 3.03
Reason of the 3.03 admin error is
It's a Tamil nadu firware that we have downloaded so the solution for the router password is
1-password : #@t#w@y or d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
Try this password instead of blank password for firmware 3.03
2- visit D-Link customer support

If any doubts about the router firmware u can hang me on hangouts


* What region are you located?
If your using OEM FW, password should be blank. If your using other 3rd party FW, please check with that Mfr for password help.

Please follow this for doing any D-Link OEM FW updates:
Link> >FW Update Process


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