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Thanks for the reply GreenBay42. I don't have any special characters in the password - just letters and two numbers. I've tried changing the password already.

I've downloaded the MyDLink Home app and can login with my credentials no problem at all. Logged in straight away. Unfortunately none of my cameras are listed. I have two DCS933Ls and a DCS932.

Must admit I'm pretty stumped as to why I'm getting the "Connection Timed Out" error on MyDLink Lite. Not sure what else to try.

Just to add that I can view the cameras on the "Local" setting.

This is very strange.  Seems unique to that device and the mydlink Lite app.

What version iOS are you running?

Did you upgrade iOS from 10.3.x? I have heard "upgraders" have experienced issues with apps in general.

When not a connection issue, most of the time uninstalling the app, reboot phone (regular reboot, not a force restart), and reinstall app solves these kinds of issues.

Have you contacted Tech Support (other than through mydlink.com)?

I've got a case number with D-Link Support and have submitted an image of the "Connection Timed Out" display.

I bought the IPhone 8 with IOS 11 already installed. The app didn't work from the very start. I've upgraded to 11.0.3.

I upgraded to iOS 11.0.3 the other day. I get full connections on the Local side with all 3 of my cameras.
I am noticing i'm getting a Could Not Connect error when trying to connected to my 936L on Remote side while at home. It looks like it starts to connect, I see the buttons on the bottom however the spinning wheel appears for a few seconds then I get the error message. Not sure if something here at home or what maybe the cause. Possible new router issue as well.  ::) My 933L and 960L work find on the remote side.

(Error 0.70_0_2_7_22_)

Can you guys check the exact version of mydlink lite you have?


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