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How to disable 802.11 mode n?

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I have a DIR-822 HW:C1 FW:3.01 and I'm having stability problems with Wifi, even in short distances and strong wifi signal, specially with Dell XPS notebooks (I have 2), but also with other equipments. I have another much cheaper wifi router that is much more stable and it only operates in 802.11b/g (but I can only use for short distances).

I suspect the instability could be caused by 802.11 mode n. But it seems there is no way to disable it. In Wi-Fi 2.4GHz configuration the only available options are:

- 802.11n only
- 802.11g/n
- 802.11b/g/n

So, is there a way to use DIR-822 in 802.11 in b/g modes only?


* What region are you located?

Are you using the older wifi router as well with the 822?
What channels are you using? Auto or manual?

Any other wifi neighbors near by?

Is Smart Connect enabled or disabled?

I'm in Brazil.

I'm not using the older wifi, DIR-822 is the only wifi I'm using. There is only one other neighbor with wifi I can see. I've tried both auto and manual channel (tried different ones).

I couldn't find anything about smart connect. I think DIR-822 doesn't support it.

What wireless modes do you see on the wireless settings? I presume only Mixed Gand N maybe only available or Single mode N only. I don't know if G mode only can be set.

The options are:

- 802.11n only
- Mixed 802.11g/n
- Mixed 802.11b/g/n

I wonder why I don't have the option to disable mode 802.11n. In my experience mode 802.11g only works better and much more stable for distant devices.


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