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Beefing up Wireless security

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Right, but that was WAN to LAN, not LAN to WAN.

Correct. You blocked all incoming traffic. Your traffic from your network went out but was not let back in since it is blocked. Since you cannot connect to the internet, the filtering is working :)

Yeah, the light came on after I posted that. it is the WAN sending the page to me, not me retrieving it.

So, no way to block intruders unless you know who they are.

Well the router does that already. Most incoming traffic (that was not requested by your local network or you hosting a server) is automatically blocked by default. If I have your WAN IP address I cannot just enter your network (unless I was a skilled hacker that knew an exploit).

OK, thanks.
Just because I'm paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get me.   ;D


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