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COVR-3902 FW v1.00 Build 19/11 Official Release - NA Region!

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Firmware:   v1.00 B19 and 1.00 B11   8/17/2017 NA Region

Revision Info:   
Covr Router (Covr-2600R) Firmware 1.00B19
- First release

Covr Range Extender (Covr-1300E) Firmware 1.00B11
- First release

NOTE: If your COVR-3902 router set is working with out any issues, it's recommended to keep the current version of FW that is loaded unless your are effected by one of the fixes.


Get it here:

Please follow the>FW Update Process to ensure a good FW upgrade is performed.

Well, I wanted to set up the router portion of this set this evening. I wanted to disable the wifi radio on the router as I just wanted to set up my DIR-890L thats currently servicing the home as the main wireless until a bit later on when I get more time to test the wireless and extender. I went to disable the wireless radio and the slider button is not moving to the disable side of the UI. I can disable the MIMO slider button, however the STATUS button is not moving at all. Tried both in IE11 and FF browsers. Wanted to see if this is a known issue or not. FW version is current shipping FW that came with the router.

I will grab a production model and verify. You can press the Wi-Fi buttons on back of the router and extender to turn them off. When you turn them back on, press the router first and wait 30 seconds and then the extender since they will need to reconnect.

Ok, back button works. I hope we can get what will actually be done with the UI as some of us are used to that feature on other routers.  :o Kind of confusing in that regard.

Aside some UI bugs, router seems stable.

Port Address Restricted Cone NAT seen on NAT test. Wonder why I'm seeing a difference here.  :o

Tested NAT again on a direct Internet connection - Port Restricted Cone NAT

Also, the STATUS button is broken in the UI. I pressed the Wi-Fi button on the back of the router, re-logged in via Ethernet and the button still says Enabled.  I will report it.


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