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Author Topic: Accessing Live Audio from DCS-6620 *without* D-ViewCam  (Read 2864 times)


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Accessing Live Audio from DCS-6620 *without* D-ViewCam
« on: February 28, 2012, 11:47:51 AM »

Hi All,

I am trying to get the audio recording to work on a Honeywell brand NVR.  While I am getting the video through just fine, and the audio is coming through on live view (although it is all cameras at once), it is not recording.  I have tried several other programs on the Windows platform (iSpy, Blue Iris, Vitamin D) and either get nothing, or video but no audio.  It seems that D-ViewCam is the only one I've found that will actually record the audio.

It believe the audio is starting as PCM then coming across in compressed in G.722.1 format and there should be SOME way of recording that.  I'm trying to put some code together to at least get an understanding of how this would work so that I can write a modified connection for the NVR (thankfully we are a Honeywell dealer and somewhat have their support on the Honeywell part).

Has anyone been able to connect to the audio on this camera without using D-ViewCam?  Even if it's IE, or Firefox, or something they threw together in C/C#/VB/C++?  I see in setup that there is a UDP stream port but even with WireShark I'm not actually seeing anything come across except for HTTP traffic on port 80 and occasional bursts of UPnP.  It seems there could be something in /cgi/bin but I'm not finding anything other than video jpgs, camera controls, and system information...

I have checked with Tech Support, and while they are very friendly and patient, they did not have an answer for this.  Many thanks for any input or advice!