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Changing device names on COVR-3902

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Does anybody have a COVR-3902 and you can change device names?
I was able to do it on the DIR-800. All grayed out on the COVR-3902.
Would like to know if it's a bug or F/W change...

I sent your previous list of issues with the UI to the router people. They are aware and hopefully will fix/add them to an upcoming firmware. Honestly I am not sure why they disabled that.

Thanks, I was just curious if anybody else was able to change names.

My unit is grayed out too.

So is mine.  ::) Also notice a strange behavior when trying to reserve. I can select the Reserve slider button however the SAVE button is grayed out. If I select the Reserver slider button two more times, the SAVE button turns to being selectable.  ???


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