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Emergency Flashing


I follow the procedure described here for the DIR router series for emergency flashing to update the firmware on my DIR 505L D-Link FW version is 1.09, HW version is A2 to openwrt-15.05.1-ar71xx-generic-dir-505-a1-squashfs-factory.bin

The desribed procedure works as described at the end I get an "Upgrade successfully"  page. When I reboot (I repower the device), the old D-Link FW boots again.

Is there any specific reboot procedure I need to apply to "enable" the newly uploaded firmware?

Any hint is welcome.

Many thanks

That process is for flashing OEM FW only, not 3rd party FW. You'll need to refer to the 3rd party FW web site for help and information on how to install there FW on his router.

Most cases is that you use the routers WEB UI under FW update to load the 3rd party fW file there.

Many thanks for your reply.

I wanted to try to update an  official d-link image to understand if that works properly.

I was struggeling to identify an official image though:
- When running the standard web interface in router/ap mode (not emergency mode) to download an official firmware, under maintenance->firmware the "check now" button tells me that I am running latest firmware. At the same page firmware 1.09 is reported.

- When I check the D-Link web page, I get that there is version 1.10 for the DIR 505 device

I am wondering why the firmware is not finding the update. Is that not the right firwmare for my device? The the case clearly shows DIR-505? And the webinterface shows

- Firmware Version : 1.09
- Hardware Version : A2
- Product Page : DIR-505

Thanks again

Assuming that there is a reason why you do not advertise the 1.10 firmware version in the router web interface (e.g. the risk that people break their device through a FW update is higher than the problems the FW update fix for the general user), I attempted to upgrade through the emergency flash proceedure to version 1.10 (DIR-505_A1_FW110B02.bin).

I see the same behaviour as before, the firmware is uploaded, but the device still boots into the old v1.9 firmware.

Any of the OEM FW version will should work to bring it back on OEM FW. So you can use the latest found on the web site.


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