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2670L not available in US? Canada only?

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posted here as the 2670 is the outdoor version of the 2630. can you tell us when it will be ava in the us? this is what i need.

The US is not going to carry this camera.

1) why?
2) intro a variant of it?
3) if not 2), and I obtain one from Canada, can I still add to my US MyDlink.com account so as to have all cams in one place for viewing?

1. Not sure.
2. I assume so
3. Not sure but I would like to find out because I want to get this camera too. I will find out.

thanks, there's the 2330 made for outdoor use but IMO its inferior to the 2670. The 2670 has the features all of us need. I don't understand why they don't want to capture market share for outdoor solutions because clearly there is a gap in what is available and features/price point.

let us know.

if its not available and i source one from Canada, can I use mydlink along with my us cams?


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