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Should I buy the COVR-3902 or ?

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I have a DIR-800L I'm looking to replace.
I use it behind my ISP's Router (CenturyLink) .
Coverage is not the best at 5GHZ even with an extender.
I run gigabit LAN thru the house for servers and PC's and wireless for PC's, Laptops, an A/V Processor, ROKU's, 4k TV, etc.
The Servers host all my movies and the ROKU's stream them to the TV's.
Just Blu-Ray movies at present, but when I find a 4k Player for a PC, I will be able to put the 4k movies on the Servers.
I was looking at the DIR-895L/R (AC5300) and then saw the COVR-3902.
When I went to shop.us.dlink.com the DIR-895L/R isn't listed.
That has me thinking it is an old device, even though you can find them for sale elsewhere.

Is the COVR-3092 newer and better than the DIR-895L?
Would the COVR-3902 be the best choice for my environment and use?



Well the specs are:
Wi-Fi Data Rate
2.4 GHz Band: up to 800 Mbps
5 GHz Band: up to 1,733 Mbps

To take full advantage of this you would need a wireless device to connect at 1300 or 1733mb to get full connection rates on 5Ghz and I presume with compressed 4K, smooth video might be achieved. 1080p should be smooth as well...

I don't have 4K support for anything at the moment. I know that raw 4K is very bandwidth intensive and not sure if any router can handle raw 4K. Raw 4K runs in the 10Gb bandwidth range and to even steam it smoothly, you would probably need a 10Gb LAN wired supporting network system.

I tested 1080p raw BD files years ago with DIR series AC calls routers and bridges. Even with the best configuration and settings and connection rates at 1300Mb, my boxee box would buffer occasionally with it's 100Mb LAN port connected to a 1300Mb wireless bridge. The higher bandwidth the raw BD file was, the worse the buffering was. I presume that there was some bandwidth issues in processing the raw data from AP to bridge and to the boxee. When I connected by boxee box to wired Gb switch, I get zero buffering of raw 1080p BD files. So after all that I kept the boxee hard wired always. Wireless can't compete with Gb LAN connections.  ::)

Given that, I presume that maybe the COVR system will work, however I don't know for sure. Kind of depends on your source video data and device support on how they process the 4K data and such.

The COVR is supposed to have MIMO which maybe beneficial as well to streaming. I guess also client devices need to really support MIMO as well to take full advantage of it.

Only thing I would suggest is to find a local shop that has them or Amazon which have a good refund policy and test it out. If it's not working as you feel, then you can return it.

The 895L is about 1.5 years old, kind new and FW is still under development. I believe that has 3 radios like the 890L does.
Wi-Fi speeds of up to 5332Mpbs (1000Mbps + 2166Mbps + 2166Mbps)
The DIR-89x series was supposed to support MIMO however I believe there were problems in the wifi chip set.

Thanks for the reply.

I have no issues with Blu-Ray movies over 2.4GHZ.
I can see where 4k could be an issue.
A Blu-Ray movie takes up 25-30GB on the server.
I could see a 4k movie taking up twice that, so pushing twice as many 1's and 0's in same time-frame would tax the network.

There is no doubt wired is better than Wireless.
Unfortunately the original owner of this house did not run Cat-5 to all rooms.
What was run was configured for phone,
So some re-configuring, I got a couple LAN lines and was able to add a couple more on second floor where my servers are.
Unfortunately my main viewing room is on first floor and no way to get a Cat-5 to it.

If the DIR-895L is still a current item, seems strange it doesn't show in the D-Link store.
The 890L is there.

Didn't mention, but I like to buy new, i.e. a product that has only been out less than 6 months, and appears the COVR-3902 fits that category.
For the most part, with ever changing technology, 2 years is outdated tech, and 5 years is antique.
Thanks for the tip about checking locally.
I have a Best Buy not too far, but haven't looked to see if they sell them.


--- Quote from: 02ebz06 on August 06, 2017, 12:28:45 PM ---

If the DIR-895L is still a current item, seems strange it doesn't show in the D-Link store.
The 890L is there.

--- End quote ---

I don't think not being available in the Dlink Store is any indication of it being a current item.  Other retailers have it.


If you click on buy now - it says out of stock.

Looks like they have some other products that are 'new'.



--- Quote from: RYAT3 on August 06, 2017, 12:49:56 PM ---If you click on buy now - it says out of stock.

--- End quote ---

Ahh, that explains why it doesn't show in store.


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