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I just bought a D-Link DCS-935LH and wonder how I am able to access advanced settings, FTP upload or at least a stream to use with NAS.

HTTP to ip-adress only gives "404 Not found".

When on mydlink.com it said that I should download the app to access my camera and under settings there are no advanced settings except to remove the device. Is this camera only accessible via the apps?!

Is the LH version this limited or am I doing something wrong?

This camera being a mydlink Home product may not have a web UI and all configuration options are done with the mydlink Home app. Since this product is not sold in the US you may want to contact your regional support to make sure. The DCS-935L (not LH) will have a web UI and a lot more options, but will not work with the mydlink Home app or be able to create actions with other mydlink Home devices.

Thank you for the quick reply!

It seems like it cannot be accessed except via iOS / Android apps. That's a shame. Since the recording is local on the SD-card it's practically useless for security purposes - since it'll be stolen if someone happens to break in. It does say HTTP server in the specs, which tricked me to buy it.

I'll post in this thread if I manage to access it from something else than the app.

Some progress. I'll try and see if D-link support can help me with username and password.

- Gives resultcode=unauthorized

- Gives resultcode=unauthorized

If I can find username and password this actually might work. Any suggestions?

My mydlink-credentials are not working. I suspect that username and password are created during initialization with mydlink.

Might search the Network Camera FAQs forum to see if there is any help there...I think there is one or two posts regarding web access here and there...


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