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DFL-210 DMZ port as wan2.


Hi. I have DFL-210 and i need to have two wan ports. So i decided to use DMZ port as WAN2 port.
I have renamed dmz interface to wan2, created ip rules same as lan_to_wan, but for wan2.

But when i connect my router to DMZ port, i have no internet acess from lan. i can ping router connected from wan2, but i cant acess internet. i have dhcp client enabled, and default gw seems to be right.

Is there something more that i need set up to get it working?

EDIT: I have it, it seems that problem was in wan2 interface Route metric. it should not be same as wan (1) Route metric. So i changed it from 100 to 80.

Review this and see if anything helps. The post didn't return to confirm anything...

Thanx. Problem was in Route metric. I had it same on wan (1) and wan2.

So final solution is just to change DMZ Route metric to 80, then create ip rules same as lan_to_wan, but for dmz instead of wan. I had renamed dmz interface to wan2, but i think that does not have anything to do with it.

Nice. Thanks for confirming this. Enjoy.


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