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In that case you'll need to contact them via email.
Link> Tech Support Contact Information

Each region does different things and seem to be semi independent from the main office or here in the USA.

Thanks! Ive found Brazil phone into shared link but its frustrating due it needs RMA.

Cloud upgrade offer is a bad joke due it crash the system image and camera cant get back online.



Wireless FW upgrade works and should work. I updated mine using wireless upgrade with my phone.

One thing you need to make sure is that wireless cameras have a good quality wifi signal with the main host wifi base. If the signal is poor or low and if you attempt a FW update, this could cause problems and cause the camera to be come non responsive. The signal needs to be good between the camera and source wifi. When in doubt, put the camera with in 6 feet of the main wifi source before doing any FW updates.

I hope D-Link Brazil will help you out.

I have different point of view due independent the network conditions it should NEVER crash and impact current image so it looks like there is big issue and that is SPOF when upgrade cameras.
Also Ive professional wifi network in home using Fortinet products and 100Mb fiber Internet link that carry videoconference traffic on 720p every-day since 2 years ago so Im sure the network and Internet link are not the case here.

The e-commerce is going to replace the camera it means more 5 days waiting for and without internal monitoring who is a major issue nowadays.

Also, it should have a warning into quick start  and manuals in order to drive upgrades/updates manualy instead Cloud due it looks like that Im not alone locked into this issue. Its frustrating...


How to crash recover (from the vendor):

1. Hold in reset button, unplug power and plug back in while holding it for 10 seconds.
2. Wait about a minute. This will automatically enter "rescueCam" mode.
3. Please a client to find SSID: rescue-Cam-XXXX (xxxx=last 4 digits of the camera's MAC address). You need to statically assign your wireless adapter a static IP of 192.168.1.xxx / (anything but 30)
4. Open browser and go to Install the 1.04 or 1.06 firmware.
5. Once done, run the setup wizard or app to reinstall the camera.

You can ignore the app's request to upgrade and do it manually through the web gui of the camera.


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