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936L RTSP streaming via VLC


Good evening! I'm trying to capture an RTSP from my camera using vlc. I feel like the input should be:

rtsp://   however i'm not getting any stream from it. I've also tried:     and other http urls.

i've also tried with no luck   (i forwarded the port on the camera's ip)
I turned off authentication so the user:pass isnt required.

What URL should I be using in order to capture a stream? It can be http or rtsp. I've verified the rest of my syntax is good with a public rtsp stream.

Thanks a bunch!

Might do a search here in the forums for RTSP in other camera forums to see if others have done this. I thought I saw a different model that someone was able to get set up.


which VLC version you are using?  try the PC version first.

you need to put the RTSP port in VLC if you are accessing it remotely
try the using VLC on local LAN first, and set the video resolution to lowest to see if it will work.
Sometimes VLC will hang or just do nothing if the video size is 1280

these are tried and tested on my end.

Thanks for posting this. Hope it helps.  ;)


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