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DGS 1210-52 intermittent connection Port Issue


Hi Good day,

I was hoping to find a solution to my problem. I'm very new in configuration of D'link switches so please be patient to me. my scenario is we have a DGS 1210-52 layer 2 switch. every time I plug patch cord from the switch to my laptop it always give a intermittent connection. the port will up and after a while it will go down again repetitively its like denying my connection. is there any settings for this?

thank you nad more power :) :) :)

Does this happen with every port? Have you tried a different cable?


--- Quote from: GreenBay42 on June 14, 2017, 06:13:18 AM ---Does this happen with every port? Have you tried a different cable?

--- End quote ---

thanks GreenBay42 for the reply, yes I've used other different cables. actually the other ports of the switch has a cable plugged in (server&other switches) and their working fine even if I transfer it to other ports. I'm just wondering why does the switch deny all connectionsw except for the original cables plugged into it. is there a setting for mac filtering or registration of something before I can connect?

Thank you. and I hope you understand my issue. many thanks again.... :) :)

Sure it's not your cables your using?


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