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DWA-171 suddenly stopped working


I have been using the DWA-171 for some time on Windows 10 and yesterday it stopped working. It picks up networks but after entering the secure key the devices fails to connect to the network. I have since tried with the the internal PCI wifi and another ASUS wifi adapter and can connect successfully.
What could have changed for this device not to be able to connect/authenticate anymore?

Manufacturer:   D-Link Corporation
Description:   D-Link DWA-171 Wireless AC Dual Band Adapter
Driver version:   1030.2.731.2015
Physical address (MAC):   ‎C0-A0-BB-64-0C-7C

Disable the security on the main host router temporarily for the wifi and test the 171. Will it connect and remain connected while in OPEN mode from the main host router?


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