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Hi. I need to connect a second VDSL internet modem to our DFL-210 firewall. As far as I have read, this is possible but I have not been able to find out where I should connect the second internet input, as our firewall has only one WAN port. Should I connect it to a different LAN port ?

So far our internet connection input is through the WAN port, and then we connect a LAN PORT to a switch where the rest of our internal computers are connected.

Thanks for your help 


* What region are you located?
WAN Port is for the main ISP connection from a cable or DSL modem.
DMZ port is for the connection of an Ethernet cable to an DMZ network.

I don't see two actual WAN ports needed for fail over of ISP services from using two modems.


I am not in USA Im afraid but hoping to get a little help. Im located in Argentina.

Theres a configuration example from D-Link called "Scenario: How to configure WAN load sharing and failover for two ISPs using policy based routing" which seems to apply to DFL-210/800/1600/2500 according to the note. I downloaded it from here (https://dlink-manuals.org/dlink-howto-configure-wan-load-sharing-and-failover-for-two-isps-using-policy-based-routing-on-dfl-210-800-1600-2500/). Unless this is wrong, it seems possible to use 2 ISP with a DFL-210.

However this note covers only the software issue, not where to connect the second wan. If you could just tell me that I will try to follow this example.

Thanks again.

That document mentions the use of WAN1 and WAN2 interfaces. These are actual physical LAN cable PORTs on the back of the firewall appliance device. If this model DFL does not have two physical WAN ports, then maybe either configuration is done in the UI and maybe the 2nd ISP modem is connected to the DMZ port maybe. I don't know for sure.

I recommend that you phone contact your regional D-Link support office and ask for help and information regarding this. We find that phone contact has better immediate results over using email.
Let us know how it goes please.

Also FYI:
"This product has been discontinued.
Free support for this product has ended on 11/01/2016"

Maybe time to get a newer generation firewall appliance that supports two WAN ports.

Thanks. Yes I did try phone support a week ago but I still have no answer from an engineer, so I figured I would give it a try here. Maybe its because of the end of support date you mention.

I am trying to figure out which new appliance to buy. I admit D-link works fine but has turned out to be very difficult to configure for me.




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