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DGS-1024D Daisy Chaining not working

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I have a router upstairs connected to a non Dlink 4 port switch that is then going to my Dlink DGS-1024D downstairs.  i can get no internet connection on the Dlink.  when i go back to my old setup of connecting a 5 port switch  downstairs i get a connection immediately. 
is there a special port that must be connected with the active ethernet cable into the DGS-1024D for it to be daisy chained? 

any ideas or suggestions as to what the problem could be?

Whats the Mfr and model of the non 4 port switch?

What happens if you place the 1024D switch in place of the non Dlink 4 port switch?

In addition to what Furry asked, are you getting link lights on the D-link switch?

When connected can you ping your router?

ok my upstairs switch is a TRENDnet 5-Port Unmanaged Gigabit

before i would just daisy chain this upstairs switch to 3 more daisy chained trendnet switches downstairs.  i purchased the Dlink to take up less space and use less plugs on my power strip. 

i haven't tried moving the dlink upstairs because i just assumed there would be no problems since everything worked with the Trendnet switches and i mounted the 24 port Dlink already.  i really don't want to take it all down to try it upstairs if necessary.

i got static green lights on the Dlink but nothing blinking

could the Dlink possibly not be getting a connection to my devices because i'm using static IP's on these devices?  that is one thing i thought of to try before moving the dlink upstairs

Have you tried pinging your router? Try connecting your computer in one port and another device to another port and see if traffic is going through it.

I assume you are using the same cables that you used with the trendnet switch to the D-Link.

You having static IPs should not make a difference since this is an unmanaged switch. It should just plug in and work.

Did you change any of the DIP switches? If you set "port isolation/storm control" to ON, plug the cable to the router in port 24. Ports 1-23 will be isolated from each other. It should be off by default.


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