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New - DCS-942L Rev B - Firmware v2.12 B04 Comments & Observations


D-Link posted DCS-942L Rev B firmware version,which can be downloaded here: DCS-942L Rev B  - Firmware v2.12 B04 Download.
Scroll to the right and select on DCS-942.

Problems Fixed
1. Fix an issue which causes live view failures using Safari 10.0 on MAC OS 10.12.
2. Fix an issue which cause playback failures of the video files from SD Card when use mydlink Portal and mydlink Lite to access IP Camera.
3. Fixed an issue where the IP Camera can’t recognize the exFAT SD Card.

New Features
1. The default record location to SD Card has changed to “DCS-942LB1”.
2. The default date and time settings are changed to 2017-01-01, 00:00:00.
3. Updated plugins with renewed code-signing certificate.
4. Update the years in the copyright statement for IP Camera’s web-UI to 2017.

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Please post your comments and observations as a reply to this thread.

Available on the main support site now.


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