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What changes were made with the new firmware? i haven't noticed any new features or the sort with the new firmware installed. 1.00

Where are you seeing this v1.01 FW?

As far as I know the firmware fixed minor issues. I will post the official release notes as soon as I receive them.

EDIT - Under Settings an Anti-flicker option was added (50Hz/60Hz)


Release notes for firmware v1.01:

Model: DSH-C310
Hardware: Rev. A1
Firmware: v1.01
Date: 2017/02/28

Change Note:
1. Fixed flicker issue caused by 50Hz/60Hz power frequency. Added Anti-flicker option under Settings.

Known Issue:
1. Firmware stops creating thumbnail images upon an enable/disable of video recording. A manual reboot is needed to get thumbnails back.


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