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FireFox 52 + NCSPlugin (USE FF ESR for Plugin Support!!!)

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it seems, FireFox 52 + NCSPlugin are no longer compatible... what do do?

How so?

Did you remove the older plug in first. Clear out all browser caches. Exit FF, then reopen and re-install the plug in?

FF ESR is the current work around for this issue in FF.
Also IE11 for Windows and Safari for OSX is still supported fully and working.  ;)

think it is cause firefox 52 removes all plugins


March 8, 2017, 14:12
Only an exception is made for Flash - end for Silverlight, Java and Co. - Web Assembly support new

Once, browser plugins were a popular tool for providing cross-platform capabilities for the web. However, the technology has long since received a less pleasing reputation - as a safety hazard. Accordingly, more and more manufacturers have finally adopted such solutions, now Mozilla is the turn.


With Firefox 52, Mozilla largely removes the support for NPAPI plugins. With one exception, the Flash plugin may continue to run here, as there are still many websites that use the Adobe software. All other plugins, especially Java and Silverlight, run now, however, no longer in the Firefox.

Web Assemblies

For the future of the web, however, the new version also has a major innovation to offer: Firefox 52 is the first version that supports WebAssembly. The new runtime environment is supposed to run code much faster than Javascript, but still work browser-wide. The development is also done together with other browser providers like Google or MIcrosoft, and is based on previous technologies such as asm.js or Native Client.

In addition, the Firefox 52 brings additional security improvements. Thus the warning introduced with the previous version is now clearly more offensive against unsafe login windows. And the Mozilla browser now supports the Strict Secure cookies, which should prevent unsafe web pages from creating a cookie that has already been stored with the "secure" attribute.


Further information about Firefox 52 can be found in the official release notes . The new version is available for Windows, Linux and macOS for download, existing installations are updated automatically. (Apo, 8.3.2017)"

--- Quote from: Champion on March 10, 2017, 04:41:42 AM ---think it is cause firefox 52 removes all plugins


--- End quote ---

I can confirm this on Windows 7x64 and updated FF to v52. Went to the MDL services site and install plug in message appeared. Downloaded it and used the installer. Plug-in fails to appear in the plug ins section of the browser.

I've passed this on to D-Link for review.

For now, I recommend that users avoid upgrading to FFv52 if using FF as there browser for mydlink services. If you upgraded and want to keep using an older version, I recommend removing FFv52 and download the prior v51 version from there FTP site:

IE11 (Windows) and Chrome v57 (Windows) and Safari (Mac) are working as alternative supported browsers for MDL services.

I hope D-Link can come up with a work around, fix or new plug in that will be compatible with v52 going forward.

Please be patient while D-Link reviews this.


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